About me

I work at GrammaTech as a senior scientist. My work is focused on static analysis of programs and more recently on static analysis of binaries. I am interested in formal methods, programming languages, static program analysis, and machine learning. Some of my recent work is open source e.g. https://github.com/GrammaTech/ddisasm.

Before working at GrammaTech, I obtained a PhD in Computer Science at Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) under the supervision of Reiner Hähnle. During my PhD I worked on improving the techniques for automatic resource analysis (also known as cost analysis or bound analysis). The results of this research have been implemented into a prototype tool called CoFloCo.

Additionally, I collaborated with the COSTA group to develop static analyses for concurrent programs based on concurrent objects (written in the ABS language).

Before my PhD I studied computer engineering and a master in computer science research at Complutense University of Madrid. My master thesis was supervised by Elvira Albert and Samir Genaim.